Saturday, November 3, 2012

Our Home for the Next Year!

October 13, 2012

We are finally in our apartment.  Elder & Sis. Malan left today headed back to Utah via Kirtland and Nauvoo.  We wish them a safe trip home.

We spent this week visiting all the historic sites and taking tours, listening to the young sisters and other senior couples and trying to take it all in.  It is truly awesome to walk these sacred grounds and know that we are walking where the prophet Joseph Smith walked and be in the Sacred Grove where Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ appeared. We will be conducting tours at the Hill Cumorah Visitor's Center, Joseph Smith Farm, Peter Whitmer Farm, and the Book of Mormon Publication Site.  So much information to learn; I'm sure some of my brain cells have died; so, it will take me a long time to retain all this information.

It will take a couple to weeks to feel like we have really settled in, not only to the work, but also to our "home away from home".  Elder Searle, our Site Director, told us before we came out that our apartment was "adequate".  Actually, it is very comfortable.  It will be hard to go back home and have an entire house to clean.

We start working at the sites Monday.  Wish us luck!

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