Monday, February 4, 2013

December 31, 2012 

The weekend was great...but way too short!  We took the family to all the historic sites and gave them a tour.  The best part was being able to bear our testimony of the truthfulness of what occurred at each of these places.  One of my favor times was in the Christus room at the Hill Cumorah.  Jack is never speechless, but he was that morning.  Then to see how it touched Aaron to hear the Christus in  Swedish....sweet moments.  It snowed all day Saturday, but that did not dampen our spirits; it was great just to be together.  Sunday was bitter cold, but after church we trooped over to the Joseph Smith Farm and went through the log home and the frame home and even walked a short distance into the Sacred Grove.  Even with 16" of snow on the ground you still feel the sacredness of the grove as soon as you enter. 

Joseph Smith Farm

Christus Room-Hill Cumorah

Book of Mormon Publication Site

Peter Whitmer Farm

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