Wednesday, July 24, 2013


April 2013

April has been a busy month for us in some respects. The month started with General Conference.  We had a morning shift at the Book of Mormon Publication site and were able to hear part of the first session of conference.  We were not busy until just before conference started and then it got really busy.  I guess ALL Mormons do not watch ALL sessions of conference...hehe.

We received our assignment for pageant week.  We will be working at the Joseph Smith Farm!  We are so EXCITED!!!  The Smith Farm is right next door and we will be able to walk to our assignment every day.  During the ten days of pageant, we do not rotate to all the sites.  We are assigned one site to cover during that ten day period.  I know it will be tiring, but I am really looking forward to the Hill Cumorah Pageant.

The next missionary transfer date is not until May , so we did not lose any of our young sisters.  It is always so hard to see them go, but we learn to love the new ones coming in just as much.

I had my foot surgery April 19th.  Afternoon prior to surgery Lee & Elder Howell gave me a priesthood blessing.  Afterward, I felt perfectly at peace; this surgery is the right thing for me to do.  Dr. Carrie O'Neill performed a decompression osteotomy on my left foot.  That means she replaced a screw in my left great toe, removed a bone spur and cyst, shaved the bone, realigned the malformation of the bone and re-inserted a screw.  OUCH!! The surgery went really well.  Following surgery, I could not believe the outpouring of love from all the senior, phone calls, food, more food, shifts covered for a couple of days, and even flowers.

Recovery is slow, but I see improvement every day.  Looking forward to being able to walk in the Sacred Grove and feel the spirit there...soon.

April 26th was our 17th wedding anniversary.  How blessed I am to be married to such a wonderful man.  He honors his priesthood, is a wonderful example to our grandchildren, and such a sweet and compassionate husband.  Throughout this trial with my foot, he has been wonderful.  I love him dearly and look forward to many more years together. 

By the way, did I mention that it snowed April 20th & 21st!!!!  Just flurries, but I am so ready for Spring!!

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