Wednesday, July 24, 2013


June 2013

This month got off to a great start with Lee's Mom and sister coming to see us for a few days.  Frances and Susan arrived June 1st.  We were able to take them to all the historic sites and they also got to visit all the buildings at historic Palmyra.  On our preparation day we toured Sodus Bay Point and the George Eastman House.

This month the senior couples had the opportunity to visit Harmony, PA, site where the priesthood was restored to the earth.  Half of the couples got to go on the 3rd and the other half on the 10th.  We were in the last group to visit - what a treat!  It rained most of the day but it did not dampen our spirits at all.  Bro. Baker and Bro. Gammon (CES) went with us and gave us so much valuable information.  We also toured the Joseph Knight home and the Josiah Stowell home; then visited the marker where Joseph and Emma Smith were married.  Fabulous trip!  So glad we were able to do this.  The weekend before our trip, Elder Bednar made a visit to that stake to announce the way had been cleared for a visitor's center to be built on the site at Harmony...that would be a great mission in which to serve!

Harmony PA

Aaronic Priesthood Restoration Monument

Harmony PA

Joseph Knight Home

Cemetery Marker in Harmony PA

Statue t Joseph Knight Home

Marker where Emma & Joseph Smith were married

June 13th brought the arrival of Kerri and Maggie to visit for a few days.  Kerri was here to cover the Gwinnett Braves game with the Rochester Red Wings.  Since she is the Social Media Consultant for the Braves, she was able to get tickets for the games Thursday and Friday.  The Howells were able to join us on Friday and we enjoyed having them with us (since they are avid baseball fans).  Lee and I had a shift at the Whitmer Farm Friday morning and Maggie went along with us.  She really enjoyed spending time with the sisters and getting to know them (especially Sis. Madsen).  June 16th was Father's Day and it was great to have them here to spend the day with Lee....something he does not get to do very often.  All too soon it was time for them to leave.

This month also saw us saying good-bye to five wonderful sister missionaries...Sisters Aiello, Madsen, Earl, Potts, and McManama.  They were terrific missionaries and will be sorely missed by all of us.  We have been blessed to know them and be able to serve with them at the historic sites.  

Sis. Madsen

Sister Earl

Sister McManama

Sister Potts

Sister Aiello

This month has been a fun filled one.....lots of family and lots of fun things to do.  Now...looking forward to July with the 4th and the Hill Cumorah Pageant.  Wish us will be an exhausting month!

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