Monday, August 19, 2013


July 2013

What a month!!!  I never been so busy....and so tired!!  But it was a great month!! We kicked off the month with a July 4th Breakfast for all the senior couples.  Seems whenever we get together, we like to eat.  Everyone brought a breakfast dish to share, and it was a feast.  At the end as we began to clean up, we decided it would not be complete until we stood and sang the national anthem.  Never been more proud to be an American!

July 11th saw us going into "pageant mode".  Lee & I were assigned to beat  the Smith Farm & Sacred Grove during pageant.  For eleven days we were at the Smith Farm 5 hours/day; either morning shift or afternoon shift.  Each shift had 9 volunteer couples and 3 sets of sisters.  We were well staffed and we needed it.  One day we had over 3300 visitors come through the farm.  By the 15th, the weather turned hot and we suffered.  Lee & I were outside during our 5 hour shift each day, and the temperatures were in the low 90s with a heat index of 101-103 degrees.  By the end of the shift we were drained.
Typical Pageant Day

Pageant Volunteers

The Hill Cumorah Pageant was fabulous!  We were able to see it 3 times and each time was wonderful. 

The last Friday night of pageant (7/19/13) a bad rain storm came up with thunder & lightening and the pageant had to be cancelled.  Across the street in front of the pageant, the "antis" had set up three small tents and tried to distribute literature each night before the performance began.  During the storm their tents blew down.  The cast members and volunteers from the pageant went across the street and helped them set their tents back up.  What a Christ-like thing to do!  We are all children of Heavenly Father and He loves us all.

July 24th we celebrated Pioneer Day and Post-Pageant with a cookout at Zion's Camp.  Hot dogs, hamburgers, and drinks were provided.  Senior couples provided side dishes and desserts.  All sisters, office staff, senior couples came along with President & Sister Frances and their boys.  We had 96 people attend and everyone had a great time...lots of good food and fellowship.

July 30th Lee & I spent the day in Niagara Falls.   We left Palmyra around 9 AM and returned at 8:30 PM.  The falls are beautiful!  How anyone can look at this and not believe in a heavenly creator is beyond me.

What a month!!  We have 8 weeks left on our mission....time is flying by.  Visitors to the sites are beginning to slow down some, which is good.  I am tired.  My foot seems to be doing fine; the doctor finally released me, so I guess I am good to go.  Heavenly Father has truly blessed me these last ten months...more than I could ever count.

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