Monday, March 24, 2014


August 2013

 This month was a busy one too!  After the Hill Cumorah Pageant last month we had a few weeks to catch our breath before it was Wayne County Fair time.  Lee is chairman for the committee to set up the booth and keep it maned the week of the fair.  The fair opened Monday,  August 12th, so we spent Saturday and part of Sunday getting everything set up in the booth.  The Elders from Palmyra were a big help getting everything in place.  Not a bad display, if I do say so myself.

This month also saw the beginning of senior couples leaving for home and the arrival of new couples.  The Hansens left on the 27th and they will be greatly missed by everyone here in the mission.  They were also housemates with us and the Muirs.  August 15th saw the arrival of the Veatchs from Orem, UT.  They will move into the Hansens apartment when the Hansens leave and the Veatchs will also take over the responsibilities Lee & I had on our mission (Activities Committee, Fair Committee, Site Meeting Music)

Cannot leave August without mentioning the Lelands.  This is their birthday month:  Preston-3rd; Jack-17th; Whitney-19th; Kerri-21st; Aaron-26th...everyone but Maggie and she has a birthday the only baptism of the Leland children that we have missed. My heart hurt that day, knowing what I was missing.  But I was comforted knowing I was were Heavenly Father wanted me to be.

Whitney, Preston, Maggie, Jack

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